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I’m Working with Local 1044 on shutting down this site. This started out years ago as my effort to connect more with those online. It’s been mostly a personal site that’s often mistaken as a offical local 1044 website.I never recived any money to own or operate this website. Even though it was never a offical 1044 site I always directed any business related emails to the proper channels. I’ll be working with Joe Itri to provide a link from here so as to provide a better access to Local 1044 and D.C.35.

All official correspondence should use link below

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Local 1044, with the support of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 35, has sent over 110 care packages to support our fighting men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan. Last night the officers put together a few more boxes to be sent out later this week. This program has been going on for eight years.


1044 Member Sean Love Sends Hello From Las Vegas

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